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Claim Management and Consultancy

Examination of all the documentation including but not limited to
the contract, administrative and technical specifications, drawings,
correspondence and the like in order to prepare the contractual
and legal arguments which can form the base of a claim file to
contractors or their anti-thesis to public and/or private
administrations, to follow up, process and finalize the claim
together with an experienced professional team through its legal
venture during or after the construction period by thoroughly
understanding our Clients' views and requests as experienced,
independent professionals who are well equipped to help them find
the solutions which meets their objectives best.

Although this service is also very much valid for the warranty
period as was mentioned here above, for sure, we believe and
advise the same service to be taken during the contract
implementation stage as a consultancy study (may then be called
as dispute resolution rather than a claim) in order to make
necessary guidance at the correct instant of time.